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About us

Emotional printing in architecture and interior design

360° decoro is an Austrian company with local offices and production in Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, UK and UAE supplying customized interior fit out materials.

We enable indiviual designs to become a reality by using the most innovative imaging technologies. There are almost no restrictions to developing a bespoke image that complements a design or architectural idea. Limitless creativity is encouraged both for aesthetic look and emotional feel.


360° decoro provides expertise and advise to create your chosen image on a variety of exciting materials including GLASS, METAL, WOOD, FABRIC, WALLPAPER, VINYL, CORK AND PAINT.


360° decoro also offers project management services and makes sure the desired image and material is manufactured and installed according to customer requirements. We therefore consider us as a turnkey supplier for bespoke interior design solutions that guides its clients along the way from initial image creation to final implementation.

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